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  • Are you a Group?

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    Travel Tips

    Do you have a few friends or family members you like to travel with? Are you planning a family reunion? Do you have a company and would like to reward your employees? Would you like to raise funds for your favorite organization?

    Are you a member of a club with a common interest, such as gardening, travel, dancing, religion, singles, architecture, art, music, photography, and any other interest you can think of.

     Why do I ask?

    When you book group travel, you can have as few as 5 couples to receive extra amenities.

    This may be in the form of discounts, or value added selections, such as wine, or credit to spend on your trip, or coupon books. You can have preferred dining together, and fly together. As a group, you are our VIPs.

     When you reach a certain minimum (varies with tour and cruise product), you also will qualify for a discount in the amount of one free person (excluding taxes and insurance). This will enable your organizer to travel for free, or you can spread the fund among the whole group for a discount for everyone.

     How do I book group travel?

     Contact Karen at klayman@dynamicjourneys.com or call 281-392-7600 or 800-257-2693. We will handle all the details, collect funds, etc; in short we do all the work and you have all the fun. We can even set up an online booking tool for your group!

    What do I have to lose?

    Absolutely Nothing! If your group does not meet the minimum, you won't qualify for the "free" person, but that is it. Your pricing is guaranteed, and usually your amenities.  You do not have to purchase unsold space or feel in any way obligated. We just ask that you try to give us a reasonable estimate of how many you expect to travel, so we can plan accordingly. Not too difficult!

    Do you like planning multiple trips throughout the year?

    If so, you may want to become a group leader for our agency. That is, you might want to organize groups but not necessarily travel with all of them. If so, you would still have the same responsibility, but could earn a bit of part time income.